We have a number of restrictions for entrance into the festival

Do obey the laws of the land. Drugs are no more legal at a festival than in the outside world. The promoters of Mighty Hoopla are working with the Metropolitan Police and local authorities to make this a safe, crime-free event

  • Please do not bring drugs or weapons to Brockwell Park
  • You should expect to be searched at the entrance to the Mighty Hoopla, and anyone found with illegal substances or materials will be passed directly to the police. Anyone found in possession of drugs or weapons at the event will be ejected from the site and not permitted to re-enter
  • The Met Police remind festival-goers that an arrest for drugs or weapons will have far-reaching consequences, potentially impacting your job and other parts of your life. Don’t bring drugs or weapons to this event
  • Legal highs are not permitted at the event. Any person found with legal highs on entry will have them confiscated before they are allowed to gain admission. Any person found with legal highs inside the event will have them confiscated and may be ejected
  • There is no unauthorised filming, photography or recording permitted at the event. Please do not bring professional equipment to the event as it will be refused entry
  • Having been ejected from the event, no re-entry will be permitted
  • The organisers will provide non-judgemental medical care and welfare support to any individuals requiring it
  • No under 18s: Mighty Hoopla is an over 18s only event
  • You are not allowed to bring in any of the following items:

Folding chairs, stools, tables or other furniture
Camping sticks, shooting sticks, flags, large umbrellas

Large bags,(small bags up to A4 in size are permitted).

Glass (including perfume bottles)
Medicine in unmarked bottles/packaging
Prescription medicine without the prescription
Explosives, firearms, knives, blades or replica weapons of any sort
Cans or metal containers
So-called ‘Legal Highs’
‘Laughing’ gas canisters, spray cans, gas or compressed gas in any container
Laser pens
Alcohol (carried in any container)
Food or drink, including sealed bottles of water (free water is provided on site)
Cool boxes/picnic hampers
Bicycles, scooters, skateboards
Footballs, golf balls, darts (or any sports equipment)
Recording equipment
Luggage/trolley cases
Animals (except assistance dogs)
Tents/gazebos/sun shelters
BBQ’s, candles, lanterns, cooking apparatus or generators
Fireworks, flares, smoke canisters,
Air horns, loud hailers
Hi-vis bibs, jackets or vests
Articles which may be a danger to public or cause nuisance

  • By attending the Event, you give your express consent to your actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audio-visual recording to be exploited in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world, the copyright to which shall be owned by the Promoter or its contractors without payment or compensation.