Mighty Hoopla is London’s ultimate pop extravaganza, descending on the capital for a day of pop-tastic music, fun and games in the summer sun.

Last year we greeted 20,000 colourful festival goers at Brockwell park and celebrated a day of love, freedom and Pop music, with sets from TLC, Lily Allen and Melanie C, alongside a whole host of club nights including, The Glory, Bongo’s Bingo and Massaoke; all hosting their own mini-parties at the festival.

This year Mighty Hoopla returns to Brockwell Park and promises to be the ultimate celebration of all things pop, sparky and fun!

Event Info / Prohibited Items


The event takes place on Saturday 8th June- Doors will open at 12:00pm
Last entry is 9:00pm. Stage times can be found posted in the middle of the event site and in advance on the Mighty Hoopla website.


There is no re-entry to the site once you have entered the event. Please make sure you have everything you need with you. This is an outdoor event and we recommend that you come prepared for all weathers.


To make your entry to the site as quick as possible we recommend that you do not bring a bag. However small bags smaller than an A4 piece of paper are permitted if required. Any bags larger than A4 size are prohibited, there are no cloakroom facilities on site. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of festival), for more details visit


Upon arrival at the festival all customers will be subject to a search.
Various items are prohibited at Mighty Hoopla to keep the event safe and to allow us to comply with the licensing objectives. A full list of prohibited items is available at the Mighty Hoopla website
The following items are prohibited at the event, we reserve the right to prohibit any other item if in the reasonable opinion of the organisers it could constitute a risk to safety or security.


You may not bring any food or drink (including alcohol) to the event with the exception of sealed bottles of water up to 500ml in size. Water points are available on site. Empty re-useable water bottles are permitted.

You may not bring any liquids into the event other than sealed bottles of water up to 500ml in size or tubes of suncream up to 50ml.

Drugs / Controlled Substances
A drugs search is in operation at the event entrances, any drugs will be found, you will be ejected and passed to the police. This included New psychoactive substances “legal highs”

Only registered assistance dogs are permitted at the event.

Filming equipment
Unauthorised professional photography or filming equipment is prohibited. Small cameras for personal use are fine. Any large cameras, filming equipment, tripods etc are prohibited unless the owner has media accreditation.

Large bags

Any bags larger than A4 size are prohibited and there are no cloakroom facilities at the event. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of festival), for more details visit

The event organisers are committed to minimising the impact of the event on the park environment, any containers of glitter will be confiscated on arrival (even biodegradable as we cannot check 100% what each vial contains). Mighty Hoopla are working with Glitterlution and will have biodegradable glitter available to buy on site with glitter face artists also on hand to apply it (Hoopla’s profits from the sales will go back in to the Mighty Hoopla Community Fund).

If you are going to arrive wearing glitter on your face this is permitted – Mighty Hoopla urges you to buy in advance from the following biodegradable glitter outlets:

Dangerous items
The following are considered dangerous and are not permitted, our security team reserve the right to prohibited
• Drones
• Glass in any form (including perfume bottles)
• Cans or metal containers
• Spray cans, Gas canisters or compressed gas in any container
• Fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, Chinese lanterns
• Camping stoves or cooking apparatus, explosives
• Hand held communication devices such as radios, radio jammers / scanners
• Firearms, knives or blades, replica weapons of any sort
• Large golf umbrellas
• Balloons
• Stools / camping sticks / chairs or other furniture
• Gazebos or parasols
• Sports equipment
• Flags and banners
• Megaphones, amplification equipment
• Klaxons, airhorns or other similar items capable of making loud noise
• Laser pens
• Scooters, skateboards, bicycles, trolleys
• Any other item which security may deem hazardous


The organisers are working closely with the Met Police to make Mighty Hoopla a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our aim is for a crime and drugs-free event: you should expect to be searched as you enter the site.
If found with drugs you will be ejected and may be passed to the police.
New laws around so-called ‘legal-highs’ are now in force and if you are found with Nitrous Oxide or other psychoactive substances you can expect to be passed to the police, as well as being refused access to the event. See for more info.

Box Office
If you are collecting tickets or have any ticketing queries please visit our on-site box office which will be open from 12:00-8:45pm on Saturday 8 th June.

Food and Drink
There are a variety of food traders at the festival with a wide variety of bars.

Toilets are located throughout the site and clearly signed.

Welfare and First Aid
There is a Welfare and First Aid provision on site, services are open during event hours and all visits are logged and recorded

Free Drinking Water
There are free drinking water points available throughout the event. We encourage you to bring your own re-useable water bottle to refill at these points.

Seating and Shade
This is a full standing show, however we do offer some seating around food concession areas within the site so you can enjoy your meal. We recommend customers prepare for all weathers.

In an effort to reduce the use of plastic on site the event will be implementing a ban on all single use plastic bottles sold on site. A cup deposit scheme will operate at the bars in order to increase our recycling. For more information please visit our bars.

There will be ATMs available on site. There will be a small charge for these transactions.

Take our survey to be in a chance of winning a VIP ticket! To take part Click HERE 


Mighty Hoopla will take place in Brockwell Park located south of Brixton. The park’s address is Norwood Rd, London SE24 9BJ.

There will be no parking available in the area. Please use public transport to travel to the event. The nearest tube station is Brixton, which is a 15 minute walk from the site. Herne Hill rail station is also close to the park. Please check the TfL website to plan your travel, there may be disruptions to services that could affect your journey to the event. We wouldn’t want you missing your favourite acts!


Can I Take in my own food and drink to Mighty Hoopla?
No. You are allowed to drink and eat in the park outside the perimeter of the festival and in the queuing lanes. But once you reach the search lanes, you cannot take in any food, drink or bottles are allowed (sealed bottles of water up to 500ml are permitted). There are a large variety of food and drink facilities within the festival. Water Points are available on site. Empty re-useable water bottles are permitted.

I have an enquiry regarding my tickets, who do I speak to?
You need to contact the ticket agency that you purchased your ticket from. Our ticket outlets are Kaboodle, Festicket and Dice. Please visit their website and
contact customer services.

I have lost my ticket, what can I do?
Unfortunately tickets and wristbands cannot be replaced under any circumstances.

I would like to bring my food/market stall to Mighty Hoopla, who do I contact?
Food traders at Mighty Hoopla is curated by Venn Street Markets, applications are closed for the 2019 event.

Can I come to Mighty Hoopla if I am under 18?
No, all attendees have to be 18 or over to attend Mighty Hoopla. Please bring a valid ID card with you as there will be security checks upon entry to the festival.

Can I smoke at Mighty Hoopla?
The same regulations apply at Mighty Hoopla as the rest of the country, you can smoke in the open air but not inside big tops and tents – look out for the ‘no smoking’ signs.

When can I arrive/leave by?
Box Offices will open at 11.30am and gates at 12.00pm. The event finishes at 22.30pm. Please note that Mighty Hoopla 2019 will take place over one day (Saturday 8th June).

If I leave Mighty Hoopla, can I get back in?
No, there is no re-entry into the festival whatsoever. But we have everything you need inside the site.

Is it safe to attend the event?
We are working with the Metropolitan Police, the local authorities and our expert security and production teams to ensure a safe and enjoyable Mighty Hoopla for everyone.

Should I leave more time to be searched?
There shouldn’t be any abnormal delays as you enter Mighty Hoopla. We recommend where possible to bring only a canvas bag to speed up the searching process.

Will there be police at the event?

There will be police in and around the event. Please assist them in carrying out their duties and of course, report any suspicious behaviour to them or to any of our security teams.

Can I bring bags to the event?
No large bags or backpacks (small bags up to A4 in size are permitted). Please be ready to be searched as you enter the festival site. Any bags larger than A4 size are prohibited, there are no cloakroom facilities on site. You can leave your bags at one of Stasher’s hundreds of left luggage locations (within walking distance of festival), for more details visit


Community Fund 2019

The deadline for Mighty Hoopla and Cross the Tracks 2019 Community Fund has passed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application.

The applications are now sat with the judging panel who will be meeting at the end of August to decide the allocation fo the fund.


Mighty Hoopla / Cross The Tracks are committed to making sure that the event management plans minimise disruption to park users and the local community. The organisers are also actively looking to engage residents with the event and create opportunities for performers, traders and workers from the local area to be involved, as well as ongoing investment into a local community fund.

Community Information Sessions

Following the Community Information Sessions held in Herne Hill and Tulse Hill during February and March, the organisers have written a set of Resident FAQ’s to address and provide answers to the most commonly raised questions. These FAQ’s can be located HERE

The organisers welcome feedback and comment from the local community – please get in touch at

Resident Ticket Ballot

The Resident Ticket ballot for 2019 has now closed. The successful applicants will be contacted by email to let them know the outcome, with details of how to collect tickets.

Local Traders

Trader applications for 2019 have now closed.

Local Music Competition
This years music competition has now closed. Thank you to all of those that entered. Winners will be announced soon!

How To Get In Touch
All community queries and feedback about the event are welcomed and should be sent to

This section is updated regularly so check back here for more information to follow.




– We will achieve zero waste to landfill for the 2019 event.
– There will be public recycling bins on site for customers to segregate their waste – we then have the means of segregating waste on site. This is then further sorted off site to be recycled.
–  In addition to the cans, bar cups and dry mixed recycling – back of house, the event will also be recycling trader food waste, glass, and timber.
– Plastic serve-ware is banned at all food trader stands – all food packaging and cutlery is compostable.
– Leave No Trace policy – every single item dropped in the grass is picked up by our litter team.
– Stage effects – must be biodegradable. A specific overnight litter picking team will be booked to fine pick the areas around the stage to ensure any stage effect paper / streamers are collected
– The event has now banned plastic glitter so this can not be bought on site. Customers can wear their own glitter when they arrive on site, but cannot bring any bottles / packets of glitter to site. Customers can purchase Mighty Hoopla biodegradable eco glitter at the merchandise stall. Any profit made from the sale of this glitter will be reinvested back into the parks ground restitution.
– In previous years, the organisers would usually order 2 – 3 pallets of plastic bottled drinking water for the crew and contractors. This year, in order to eliminate the single use plastics on site – the organisers have invested in branded reusable water bottles to give to the crew and contractors, which can be refilled at the water points on site.
– The organisers are also designing branded reusable water bottles for customers to buy from the merchandise stand.


– This year, in support of the campaign to ban single-use plastics – the event has replaced all plastic bottled water with canned water.
– The bar operator has replaced 100% of plastic bottled and the majority of draft products with aluminium cans. As a result, the event is now saving the following:
Plastic pint Cups Saved – 95,760
Plastic bottles saved – 17,900
– All traders onsite must use compostable serve ware, and no plastic. This is a condition of trading at the event, and is communicated in advance and enforced on site by the trader team as part of the pre-trading checklist.
– The organisers work with a compostable serve ware supplier and will ensure they can deliver to the site on the show days if any traders turn up with incorrect serve ware.
– There is a ‘no plastic straw’ policy across the festival and bars.
– The bar operator will operate a cup deposit scheme which improves the recycling rate by controlling the waste segregation back of house.
– We ensure all our food traders are ethically and environmentally conscious.
– There are multiple vegetarian and vegan options on site.
– We work closely with our traders and suppliers to source local produce and services to support the local economy.
– Any traders serving meat will only use free range or organic meats in their menus. This is communicated at application stage and is a condition of trading at the event.


– We advise all visitors to choose greener travel options, such as public transport and arriving by bike or foot. We actively deter visitors from driving to the event.
– The central London location of the event means that we are well served by the public transport network.
–  Mighty Hoopla are committed to using sustainably and locally sourced materials, equipment and products, with the aim of reducing travel miles.
– All of our water comes from the on site mains water supply rather than being taken to site, thereby eliminating transport emissions


– We work with our power providers to maximise efficiency, monitor energy use, minimise emissions and prevent pollution.


– Local community engagement is key to delivering the events. The organisers work year round alongside local stakeholders and the local communities who are consulted throughout the planning stages and the events
– Management plans around Noise, Traffic, Ingress and Egress are developed to minimise impact of these on the surrounding residents. We work closely with the local authority’s environmental protection teams to produce the events at agreed sound levels. Specialist acoustic consultants are hired to monitor sound levels throughout the event to ensure these levels are adhered to.
– A dedicated Community Liaison Manager is based on site to assist with any queries from local residents during the event build/derig and event dates.
– As part of the events’ commitment to the local community, opportunities are provided for a range of local businesses, operators, suppliers and performance content.
– Community Fund – money is given to local community groups inside the park and those outside the park directly impacted by the event to invest in local ecology, sustainability and social outreach projects.
– The event sets aside 500 tickets for local residents which are allocated on a ballot basis, selected at random.
– Employment and training opportunities are provided for local colleges and universities.


– Protecting the park’s flora and fauna, grass, land water courses and landscape is a priority.
– We work closely with the Lambeth Parks teams, the Brockwell Park Community Partners and the Friends of Brockwell Park on the planning the event – protecting the trees, reinstating the ground conditions and protecting local wildlife.
– We ensure that the necessary measures are in place to protect the Park and provide instructions to all contractors to help achieve this.
– Any waste generated by festival goers inside or outside the event perimeter is removed by litter picks.


We’re doing our best to reduce our environmental impact and hope you will join us in our efforts. Here are a few tips to make your visit more environmentally friendly:
– Use public transport, walking and biking to reduce your carbon footprint. Get directions here Use TFL’s Journey Planner at

– Bring a reusable water bottle instead of single use plastics. There will be lots of drinking water points available on site for you to refill.
– Use biodegradable glitter! If you are buying in advance to wear to the festival we suggest:

–  Help us increase our recycling rate by adhering to the recycling system and placing all waste and recyclables into the correct designated bins which are signposted throughout the site. If you aren’t sure where to put something, please ask!
– Bin your butts. Every butt has to be picked up by hand, so please use the bins provided.
– Use only as many disposable items (e.g., paper towels, napkins, utensils) as you need.
–  Please respect the neighbourhood and our neighbours by leaving the event quickly and quietly.


Blue Badge Car Parking
A blue badge car park will operate at the event. Spaces within the blue badge carpark must be pre-booked. Please apply for spaces by completing the form using this link. Click here

Viewing Platforms
Viewing Platforms are provided for those who require them. Platforms are located at the main stages at the event. Each viewing platform user will be entitled to one
additional pass for use by one friend or Personal Assistant at a time. Please use the link below to apply.

Accessible toilets are located at each Viewing Platform and also behind the Welfare
Tent. They will also be allocated at each toilet block.

Lowered Bars
Lowered sections of bars are offered where possible at bars at the event. Traders
will offer an alternative serving policy if a lowered counter is not made available.
Please ask our staff for help.

The shows are standing only. There is some seating across the site however this is
limited and is within picnic areas only. If seating is compulsory to your enjoyment of the event due to medical circumstances we are able to make exceptions. Please seek permission in advance by contacting

Due to the nature of the event there will be flashing lights and strobe effects on all
stages. Lasers may be used for some performances.

Event Space and Site
The event is on a green-field site, although there are some tarmac tracks these do
not run into the stages (which all stand on grass). Weather and ground conditions
may be variable.

Personal Assistance Tickets
Applications for accessible facilities are now closed. If you have any accessible requirements please visit our Welfare Hub on site who will be able to assist you.
If you require further information please contact

Please contact us in advance via if you have high
dependency needs or any other enquiries which are not answered on the website.


The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Mighty Hoopla lineup Competition – Tuesday 12th March 2019


1. The Promoter is: Mighty Hoopla, 10 Leyton Studios, 15 Argall Avenue, Leyton, E10 7QE
2. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition.
3. By entering this competition, the entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
4. Route to entry for the competition and details of how to enter are via:
5. Only one entry will be accepted per person. Multiple entries from the same person will be disqualified.
6. The closing date and time for entry will be 19 March 2019 at 00.01.
7. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason.
8. The Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of an event or events outside of the Promoter’s control. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the Promoter.
9. The prize is as follows: 5 pairs of VIP tickets to Mighty Hoopla festival (Brockwell Park on Saturday 8th June). If the winning entrant is already a ticket-holder, they will receive a VIP upgrade for themselves.
10. The prizes are as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered. The prizes are not transferable. The prizes are subject to availability and the Promoter reserves the right to substitute the prizes with others of equivalent value without giving notice.

Contact Us

You can reach us here: